Social. Magic. Media too.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

If you're anything like me, being immersed in something creative is truly important, so I'm glad you're here! 

Social Media Marketing, supporting local businesses and Event Management is what I'm most passionate about. 

Here are some fun projects I've personally created:

Now hiring?
I'm interested! 

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I'm currently looking for the next career adventure and my options are completely open! 

My experience includes:

 Current Projects

Maker's Market

Started in November 2018 by my husband and I, we've managed and put on several successful art and craft events we call the Maker's Market. Click below for more information!

Paint Parties

Grown from our love of art and community, our concept for Paint Parties came to us while we were participating at monthly events called Gospel Brunch. At this event, created by great friends of ours, we would set up a paint table for the kids that attended. Not only did we find ourselves busy at every event, but we had a blast doing it with both kids and adults. COMING SOON to a neighborhood near you!